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Úvod Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

Our registered loyal customers get a discount. For each purchase over 5€ you are automatically granted bonus points that you can turn into a discount! 
Customer loyalty program
  1. Definitions: Loyalty program is a system of granting points to the Buyer for purchases made. A loyalty point is a virtual value that is granted to the Buyer for a certain value of the purchase. A bonus account is a virtual account to which the points are credited and where the balance of points is kept. A period of protection is a period during which the loyalty points are blocked.
  2. The loyalty program is strictly restricted to purchases online via the e-shop ( It does not apply to the brick-and-mortar shop nor wholesale.
  3. The participation of the Buyer in the loyalty program is voluntary, however, it is conditional to creating a customer account in the system of the e-shop via registration.
  4. The Buyer that already has a customer registration is automatically included in the loyalty program.
  5. The minimum purchase value required for the loyalty points to be granted is 5,00€ (incl. VAT). For the purchases of lesser value, no loyalty points are granted to the Buyer. For the purchases of higher value than 5,00€, the points shall be granted to the Buyer.
  6. For each full 1,00€ of the purchase over the minimum value (including) the Buyer is granted 1 loyalty point to their bonus account.
  7. The financial value of a loyalty point: 1 point = 0,05€.
  8. Loyalty points are granted only for finished orders.
  9. Bonus account balance: The Buyer can see the total amount of their loyalty points currently in their account after logging in to the system.
  10. Applying the loyalty points: The Buyer can but does not have to choose the option to apply their loyalty points in a form of discount from a purchase in the process of making the current purchase.
  11. Loyalty points can be applied in a form of a discount up to the maximum of 50% of the value of the purchase that the points are being applied to.
  12. The Buyer cannot request a cash disbursement for the value of the loyalty points they have collected.
  13. The Seller reserves the right to lay down a period of protection in the system for a suitable period of time. The loyalty points will be added to the Buyer’s bonus account after the period of protection has expired. If the Buyer withdraws from the purchase (a contract) during the period of protection, no loyalty points for the purchase concerned shall be granted to the bonus account of the Buyer.
  14. The period of protection for granting the loyalty points is currently 21 days.
  15. If a relevant guarantee claim of goods is settled through a refund of the purchase price, loyalty points for the purchase concerned shall remain unchanged on the bonus account of the Buyer.
  16. The Seller reserves a right to grant extra loyalty points to the bonus account of the Buyer for example on occasion of an anniversary, etc. The Buyer does not have an automatic right to be granted extra loyalty points.
If the Seller does not make any purchases during a period of one year from the day of last purchase, all the collected loyalty points shall be deleted. After the period of one year from the day of last purchase has expired and the collected points have been deleted the entitlement to apply the deleted loyalty points in form of a discount expires.

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